Within the paint sector, we operate in the automotive sector with our industrial wet paint applications. We continue to serve companies such as Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Daihatsu, Toyota, Isuzu, CTP Inc. Together with our solution partner GYSMA, we manufacture, export and install wet and electrostatic powder coating facilities.


Creating a project, design and drawings of products suitable for your use


2D and 3D modeling
of designs .

GRP Composite Production

Grp, composite, plastic and similar products used in all areas of the industry


Support with creative and progressive work carried out on a systematic basis


Production od RTM, light RTM and hand layup molds for seral production


Surface cleaning and smoothing processes

CNC Machining

Processing on wood, MDF and Styrofoam with cnc machining

Harmless Sandblasting

Fast and harmless sandblasting for polyester, GRP, plastic, wood etc. parts

Wet Paint Applications

Finishing the products with primer and wet paint and baking

We produce products and parts with composite, glass reinforced polyester, polyester resin, glass fiber, ballistic composite, polyurethane, gelcoat, epoxy and similar chemical materials that are used in all areas of the industry. Together with our team, consultants and solution partners, in line with your requests; we complete all processes such as R&D, design, modeling, mold, CNC machining, trimming, casting, hand lay-up, painting, and we can also perform mass production of the same products.

In our production, we have a wide range of products such as body parts, interior parts, medical device cases, toy bodies, table legs, product live models of vehicles belonging to sectors such as automotive and rail transportation.

Wood, wood / epoxy, wood / polyester mix products are designed and produced in our carpentry workshop and wood CNC processing, modeling and primer painting are carried out.

With our 13 years of experience, we continue to offer personalized production and solutions as well as corporate production and solutions. Read More...


Designs in accordance with international standards

Superior quality composite materials
with high technology production environment in
accordance with European wet paint standards.



Bumper made for Nissan



Designed fender for the
Audi A3.

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